Welcome to my little collection of resources and musings around life, careers and self-worth, collated from my own research and experiences whilst working in the beautiful city of Oxford.

'The EveryGirlBoss' Self Care

'The EveryGirlBoss' Self Care

Hands up if you’re prone to burn out!

You may have noticed from the lack of blogging that life has been a wee bit busy these last few months. Now I know I’m not the only one with a hectic schedule but I couldn’t help but feel I was seriously falling behind. Saying yes to everything, with the energy levels to do nothing, has left me with two sick days in the last 10 days.  I know I can be pretty stubborn at can normally get away with missing a warning sign or two, but now my head, body and calendar have all started to suffer and I know it’s time to make some changes.

I started by having a check-in with my manager.  We talked a lot about the importance of self-care and the impact it can have on my life,  deciding I was going to make this a real focus for me moving forward. So after my last day of being bunged-up and bed-bound, I decided to stop feeling (very!) sorry for myself and get stuck into some research.

As ever, my go-to’s for relatable resources are always The Every Girl and Girl Boss. Looking through this great content, I tried to pull together a summary but quite frankly, there was too much goodness! I was surprised to see how many facets there are to self-care and how many aspects of your life can be easily improved with a few alterations and added rituals - although a great start, one face mask just doesn’t cut it!

So instead I thought I would link you to some of my favourite articles for each area of self-care - I will be continually updating this page with new links so please do check back in whenever you need!

Please do remember that there is no perfect routine or practice of self-care. Do NOT beat yourself up if you miss your morning downward-dog or f you’re just too tired to walk home from work - it’s called SELF for a bloody reason. Use these articles as guides only. Dabble and experiment and find what is the most enriching for you!

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Weekend Self-Care

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Finance Self-Care

My Financial Self-Care Rituals

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A-Game Self-Care

15 Acts of Self-Care You Haven’t Thought Of

The Everygirl’s Self-Care Bucket List

What are your best Self-Care rituals?

Slump to Pump: How to 'Just Survive'

Slump to Pump: How to 'Just Survive'

Your Personal Network

Your Personal Network