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A Prompt For Praise

A Prompt For Praise

This year has brought a level of change I still cannot fathom.

When I shout, ‘Happy New Year!’ in a few days, it will be with a great job in a world-renowned organisation, a space on the internet where I actually have something to say, and a husband to be who I adore. It’s mental, but 2018 didn’t end there. This year I’ve managed to accumulate a bit of an A-Team around me, which, if you’ve read my previous post on the F-Word, you’ll know is also a bit of a surprise.  

Despite being someone who traditionally didn’t have many female friendships, this year has given me not just friends, but women who are a constant inspiration. Despite having their hands full with their ‘normal’ roles in society, these women are investing what little time and energy they have to grow something they’re truly passionate about. After getting a full-time job and supporting my partner with his businesses, he and I have really started to value those short moments where you we can do sweet FA. I’ve often struggled to sacrifice those moments to work on Maid in Oxford but, fortunately, I’m always held accountable when I see these women going through their own balancing act.

Going back to my mantra-machine Cara Alwill Leybathere’s enough for us all! Competition can be healthy but it’s too often paired with nastiness and hostility. I don’t like that. There needs to be a regular practice of lifting and celebrating the women around us. We are all working and slaving as hard as the next, and I truly believe if you unexpectedly shed light on someone else’s hard work, that light will come back to you.  

So Here’s My A Team.


Maggie Gray


Being a mother of two is achievement enough, but when faced with a lack of market space to promote her third baby, Rawe, my sister carved her own space and started the Auckland Food Truck Collective. Through ensuring the population have access to her vegan-friendly, dairy-free, all-round-epic smoothies, she’s created and continues to support the entire food truck industry of Auckland. 


Megan Thomas

Megan Mary Designs

Comms executive by day, illustrator at 5am. This girl gets up in the early hours of the day to practice, what already is, an incredible talent in design. With pieces for the Oxford Student Union and the Ashmolean Museum in her portfolio, she never fails to impress.


Chloe Smith

Dogtor Smith

Graduating from vet school this year, Chloe has been saving little fluffy lives on the outskirts of Bristol. In her blog, she shares every aspect of her working life, a touch on some of the hot topics around Veterinary Medicine and advice for future dogtors. Her instagram isn’t short of cute animal pictures either…


Tami Hamam

The Guilty Girl

Tami would say her blog was born out of a need to label her ever-growing make-up collection and frivolous purchases as 'necessary research'.  I love that. This beautiful little piece of the internet is her space to rejoice in everything she loves, and banish any sense of guilt that is often attached to most things we do in life.  She’s honest, hilarious and very relatable. 


Nadia Saadi

East Oxford Yoga

In my opinion, this girl deserves her own blog. Straight up, she’s the best yoga teacher going. Based in East Oxford, I’ve never met a kinder or more patient instructor out there. When her first baby was born just over a year ago, she started a whole new journey of incorporating this new bundle of joy and her passion for yoga. She’s now smashing it with a whole new programme of classes, including a mummy-baby-yoga class. 


Tracey Rimell

Break That Mould

Seriously what can’t this girl do? A freelance writer, actress, and singer based in Oxford AND she never fails to make this grumpy cow smile before 9am caffeination. Tracey started blogging to help raise her creative profile, but when she got down to it, she knew she was at her best when writing about her own life as a social ‘rule-breaker’. Break That Mould is both an invitation and celebration of not being ‘normal’.


Laura Cosby

Cosby Cakes

AKA. GBBO Winner 2020

I’m telling you now, if you’re not voting for this girl in next year’s Great British Bake Off, we’re going to have a problem. Laura is a beautiful and bubbly addition to our team at work and somehow has the time to make the most mouth-watering cakes and baking goods on the side. These creations are nothing short of godly and you can often find her baking genuineness in Take a Break magazine.

You might not know them.

You might not need to know them, I just wanted to take some space to let these gals know they’re rocking it, and I hope this prompts you to do the same with the wonderful women in your life.

No Monday. No February. No 2019.

No Monday. No February. No 2019.

When The Podium Calls

When The Podium Calls