Welcome to my little collection of resources and musings around life, careers and self-worth, collated from my own research and experiences whilst working in the beautiful city of Oxford.

Maid in Oxford

Maid in Oxford

So this is where I should be sharing the spiritual journey that lead me to blogging.

The epiphany that struck me, like many others before, to believe that everyone should listen to what have to say. I would be recounting my many years of experience in perfecting the way of work and adult-ing. I'd be giving you Buzzfeed-worthy guidance on how to achieve the ultimate work-life balancing act. My pages would be covered in recipes for 15-minute delicacies and how-tos on making face masks out of your pantry.


You’re going to be disappointed..

I'm a 22 year-old graduate. I started my first job two months ago. My whites come out grey and the greatest delicacy I can accomplish is Super Noodles on toast. 

But if I'm not brunching my way through life, what am I doing here? Well, in truth, I believe that there are some really exciting things going on in the world of work. There are people out there who are sculpting their lives to be exactly how they want them to be. A movement is happening. Where women are being 'activated' by the words and guidance of extraordinary people who have already climbed the mountains to pave the way for us.

I’ve recently been exploring some exciting projects (all of which will be revealed), and with them I’ve been exposed to some incredible research, inspiring stories and very, very useful advice. My mindset is changing, and I have indirectly been equipping myself with some serious weaponry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from an expert but I’m pretty immersed and god, is it addicting!

So why should you listen to me? Well, whether it be the books of remarkable leaders, articles from trusted digests or research from my own projects, I will be sharing and critiquing all of these sources to let you know what’s actually out there, so you can tune in to this movement and apply it to your life. Hopefully kicking some ass in the process.

This will be a very trial-and-error style of blogging. As mentioned, I am far from a professional, but what you will get is truly me. An authentic space where I’ll be sharing the inspiration that drives and shapes me each day as I attempt to build an extraordinary career of my own, one I can enjoy and be proud of. I know you can too.

Photo by Nick MorrisonUnsplash

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